Boxer Toilet Cleaner

  • Boxer Toilet Cleaner

USES: Used to kill germs, fight bad odors and removes tough stains 

FEATURES: Leaves surface /substrate clean and smooth, clears hard tube 

well water stains & makes Surface looking like new, Guaranteed for best results

for removing hard stains & Kills Germs effectively 

APPLICATIONS: Effective in cleaning & Disinfecting for Bathroom Tiles. 

PACKS: Available in 500ml, 5 Ltr pack.

  • Manufacturer: Vedacare organic & Chemicals
  • Product ID : 8900015630136
  • Brand : Boxer Toilet Cleaner
  • Colour : BLUE
  • Weight : 500 GRAM
  • Dimensions (L x W x H) : 5*2*8
  • Country : INDIA
  • Boxer Toilet Cleaner
  • MRP : ₹82.00

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